About us

OEM TECHNOLOGICAL INSTRUMENTS have been providing the most advanced and seamless technology for Emissions, Vehicle Dynamics, Simulation, NVH and Crash testing's since 1993.

It is our mission to provide you with the right tools, methods and services to master those Research & developments challenges successfully. Based on close cooperation with our various overseas principals and OEM's automotive know-how of nearly 25 years, we have established a reliable and cost-effective solution for our clients in automotive, aerospace, locomotive, defense, Institutes & research industries.

OEM is acting in the following scope of business:

Engine & Emission Testing Vehicle Dynamics Simulation Solution
Active & Passive Safety NVH

Whatever your requirement, you can consult our experts-accessible in India through our regional offices in Delhi, Pune & Chennai, who will evaluate what you want to achieve and then use their application and product knowledge to create a cost-effective solution.
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