Exhaust Emission Testing

Particulate Samplers for OBD & Lab
Particulate Sampler is based on the partial flow method and variable dilution. It satisfies the specifications contained in all main European and Americian regulations for the homologation of disel engines from light duty, both ON ROAD and OFF ROAD (LAB)
Emission Analyser
We offer systems for the measurement of exhaust gas emission for engine manufacturers in the automotive, aviation, marine and rail transport sectors, defining new standards in a sector in which pollution emission limits are continually being lowered. Our solutions are to be used on raw gases (EGR), pre and/or post catalyst or on diluted gases (CVS)
CVS Exhaust Sampling
The CVS (constant volume sampler) system allows to sample and to dilute the exhaust gas generated by diesel or spark-ignition engines. The exhaust is diluted with filtered air (HEPA filters) in order to reduce its temperature and to avoid, at the same time, water condensation. A pump generates and maintains constant the diluted gas flow rate.
Mass Spectrometer (IMR)
Due to constant development and close cooperation with our customers in different fields, the measurement capability of our instruments ranges from automotive- and catalytic applications, fuel cell R&D, waste burners and power plants, food industry, pharmaceutical R&D to medical diagnostics.
Engine & Chassis Dynamometers
Our engine dynamometers help you verify that the repair is completed, that the engine is operating according to specifications and can be used to break-in engines before installation. Our engine dynamometer product line includes hydraulic dynos, portable dynamometers, eddy current dynos, and AC dynos.
The Smoke (Opacity) Meter accurately detects, measures, and provides a visual read-out of the opacity of smoke emitted by diesel engines. In addition, it is an excellent indication of the combustion efficiency of the vehicle, encouraging maintenance for greater fuel efficiency.
Nox/EGR/02/AFR/Lambda Analyzer
The System is suitable for engine test instrumentation like : NOx, analyzers, EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) analyzer, high-quality AFR (Lambda) analyzers and O2 analyzer etc.
Engine Altitude Conditions Simulator
Engine Conditions Simulator is an innovative machine that allows to test internal combustion engines in a wide range of ambient conditions, from sea level up to 5500 m altitude.In order to test an engine in different ambient pressure, the commonly used procedure is to use a special test cell able to maintain a low pressure inside.
Flue Gas Analyser
A compact portable combustion analyser, offering features found on larger, more expensive units. Housed in a rugged aluminum frame and hard-side case, the EN2 measures up to 4 gases, from O2, CO, NO, NO2, plus probes for temperature and stack draft / pressure. The ecom-EN2 also calculates CO2, efficiency and excess air.
Blow by Meter
The Blow-by Meter measures the flow of gases from an engine's crankcase. This flow called blow-by is caused by piston ring, valve guide and turbocharger leakage. Blow-by data is used to determine engine condition and lubricating oil effectiveness.

Complete On-Road Vehicle Testing

Multi Channel Data Acquisition Systems
MODULAR Based & MULTI-CHANNEL UNIVERSAL DATA ACQUISITION SYSTEM for recording Analog, Digital (Counter) and High Speed CAN with high Sampling rate.
Data Logger for Racing
We offer extremely compact & lightweight Data Acquisition Systems for racing and on road testing Application.
GPS/5th Wheel & Non-contact Speed Sensors
Our speed Sensors allow carefree non-contact speed sensing over ground at a very competitive price. With Ground speed sensor the road surface is scanned with a 24 GHz radar beam. The internal processor creates a high precision TTL- output signal with 100 pulses per metre from the raw Doppler signals.
Inertial Navigation/Gyro Systems
The navigation/ gyro system is developed especially for the dynamic testing of vehicles. The ADMA-G continuously measures both the acceleration and position in all three axes and the pitch, roll and heading angle of a moving vehicle. The system can also be used for the dynamic calculation of speed.
Steering Robots & Steering Measurement
Steering Robot products are designed to apply inputs to a vehicle's steering system for testing its transient handling behavior on the test track. It allows a wide range of steering inputs to be applied with high precision and repeatability, to enable high quality data to be gathered quickly. It can also be used for steering system testing
Sensor Analog
The Sensors measures acceleration, forces, angle, linear measurement, rotational speed, pressure temperature etc of the component and has a voltage output.
Sensor Digital
Digital sensors create a pulsed signal depending on changes of the magnetic field around it or in the measured voltage level. By counting the pulses or measuring the time in between them, speed rpm or driven distances can be recorded.
Wheel Telemetry & Arc-free Rotary Transmitters
Wheel Telemetry System is a highly integrated and extremely miniaturized microprocessor package which allows accurate measurements to be taken from rotating components. Previous technology used relatively complex, bulky, measuring systems, our new fully digital telemetry technology available for the measurement of torque on drive shafts and other rotating components.
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