NVH & Component Testing

Sound Vibration Analysis
Sound and Vibration measurements with 4 Channel to more than 1000 Channels which can analysis and reporting, Improving products design vs. NVH characteristics, NVH analysis on transportation vehicles: automobiles, motorbikes, trains, ships, aircrafts, Civil vibration on transportation infrastructure ; Quality control...
Head Acoustics
MK2B is a Binaural Artificial Head with a detailed torso/shoulders & head design. The body is made of rugged polyester coated with tough DuPont NEXTEL. The ears are made of tear resistant silicone rubber; together with head and torso, moulded to anatomically precise contours.
Modal Analysis
The System Provides modal analysis tests in a wide range of situations, featuring the exact set of relevant functions for an operational system.
Vehicle Tracking & Monitoring
Wide range radio data monitoring system Real-time remote observation of vehicles on test or race tracks. Automatic detection and notification of unscheduled vehicle operations like accidents, deviation of test schedules or leaving of designed routes.
Portable 3D Co-ordinate Measuring
Portable / Mobile 3D Co-ordinate Measuring Machine for measurement of large parts, total profile, fixtures and jigs, sheet metal, space robots, door closures, engine mounts, flap and slat motions in the field of Automotive, Aerospace, Civil and Naval Engineering.
Calibration System For ECUs
The Calibration System is a powerful, versatile data management software and supports Calibration Engineers and those responsible for the data in providing a wide range of functions for variant management and documentation:
OBD CAN Data Reader
OBD System for reading the CAN Data without dbc file. The same can be easily read the messages from vehicle ECU. The system is Universal Converter to acquire data in cars, trucks or busses via OBD2-interface.
Brakes Endurance Test Beds
The bench test makes it possible to perform durability tests on front and rear brake caliper with handbrake device. The bench is equipped with 4 independent stations where different braking systems can be installed to perform tests according to user defined parameters, except for rpm, that is necessarily the same on each pair of coupled stations.
K & C Test Rig
Our SPMM meets an industry requirement to reduce the time from concept to manufacturing a new vehicle, with increased use of computer analysis and prediction techniques. It can measure suspension characteristics that are important to ride and handling in a wide range of vehicles from the smallest passenger cars to light trucks and MPVs.
Driving Robot & Automation Systems
The Driving Robot System can be used for emission tests (according, for example, to the ECE 15 + EUDC cycles), durability tests, vehicle correlation cycles, customized cycles (can be programmed freely) and, generally, every kind of research and development activity. The cycles can be performed both at ambient temperature and in climatic conditions.
Gearshift Quality Evaluator
We offer complete suite of gear shift quality hardware and software tools from basic synchronizer design software through to complete shift system & driveline modeling, and gear shift durability test rig software. The GSQA system is part of this suite of tools. An additional GSQA module is available for trucks with increased force, travel and range/split gear selections.
Tire F&M Test Machine
Tire Test System is the first in the world to provide measurement of tire-generated
- Forces and Moments
- Rolling Resistance, RPK
- High Speed Uniformity, Conicity & Ply-Steer
- Ply-steer Residual Aligning Torque, and
- Rolling Radial Spring Rate...
Axle Shaft Testing System
The test rig was specifically designed to carry out dynamic transient tests or endurance tests on front axle shaft for passenger cars and light duty trucks. The axles can be tested by simulating all the working conditions they can experience in the real vehicle: rotational speed, torque, vertical stroke, axial stroke, steering .
Pedal Functional Test Beds
The test bench allows to perform the main functional tests specified by the most important automotive manufacturers for the functional characterization of pedal sets. The bench is equipped with a highly flexible testing station, where any type of pedal set can be installed with minimum adaptations.
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