Service And Support

" OEM TECHNOLOGICAL INSTRUMENTS " provides high-quality support services for its test systems, allowing its customers to get a maximum return on hardware and software investment, to optimize the productivity of their engineering teams, and to keep their systems and competencies up to date with the latest technology and application developments. To guarantee reliable products and services, we strictly adhere to quality guidelines and best management practices.

Product and Application Support

As a system integrator, we assist our customers in choosing the most appropriate configuration for a certain application. We deliver, install and commission the system. We support our customers with engineers who understand the hardware and software in the related engineering applications. Extensive training and seminar programs, including on-site services, help our clients' technical staff to gain and maintain their knowledge of the system and software capabilities for their specific applications.

We provide response-line support and issue regular releases and service levels to keep our products up to date. Our hardware services include the calibration and maintenance of the systems to optimize the accuracy of the system and to extend its lifetime. We offer a complete portfolio of professional services, including the design of test facilities, full management of a customer's installation, on site training and support, and continuous knowledge transfer. Our products are designed using the latest standards to combine speed of development with long-term maintainability and robustness.

Subscribers to the Software Support Services are automatically entitled to new releases of the software. This ensures the compatibility with the latest developments in hardware and operating systems. Every new release also delivers new functionalities and features, further enhancing the software's performance and capabilities.
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