Precision Flow Meters

Precision Flow meters to measure any flow, any viscosity for Low-flow, high-accuracy, high-resolution
Max Machinery makes high-precision, positive displacement flow meters. For over 40 years, Max has produced the only meters that provide high accuracy, high repeatability and work over a 1000 to 1 range. A focus on low flow rates has placed tens of thousands of Max meters in engine development, chemical injection, hydraulic testing, Polyurethane blending , Intermittent Injection (Natural gas odorization, Reverse osmosis anti-scalant injection, Verifying dispensed amount of sealant (adhesive), Methanol injection for natural gas dehydration) , Water Treatment ( for RO) and a long list of applications which benefit from accuracies within 0.2% and an output of up to 1000 pulses per ml. We hope that you will let us put these features to work for you.
Piston Meter Family
Piston Meter Family
Offering the highest accuracy (0.2% of reading), widest flow range (200:1 or more) smallest displacements and the tightest fits and tolerances. These peak performance meters are suitable for all low viscosity liquids. Consider the piston family for fuel measurement, hydraulic test stands, additive injection or any low flow application.
Air & Fuel Flow Meters
We offer Precision Flow Measurement Instruments covers highest accuracy, the widest flow ranges and superior output signal resolution remains unchanged. It includes various types of flow meters like Gear Meter, Piston Meter, Helical (Helix) Meters and Lineariszed Transmitter, voltage Transmitter, current Transmitter, photodisk Transmitter, Proximity Transmitter meeting most of the automotive applications.
Gear Meter Family
Gear Meter Family
Gear meters are both economical and rugged. High pressure design, 0.3% of reading accuracy and 100:1 flow range or more. A gear meter is an ideal choice for fuel oil measurement, hydraulic test stands, hot melt adhesives or conformal coatings.
Helical Meter Family
Helical Meter Family
Measuring the highest flow rates and viscosities while offering 0.2% of reading accuracy. 100:1 flow range or more and the lowest pressure drop. The helical meter is ideal for lube oils, hydraulic test stands, urethane foam blending, greases or molten adhesives.
Fuel Consumption Measuring
fuel consumption measuring
- in vehicle test
- on roller test bed
- with traceable calibration
- for diesel, gasoline, ethanol mixtures
- width: 49 cm, height: 32 cm, length: 26 cm

Virtual Testing with HIL

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